Extensive Experience with Education

With over 23 years of experience, CPSI provides educational clients with industry-leading solutions for real-time data integration and data management, real-time longitudinal data systems, reporting, SIF and Ed-Fi integration, and account provisioning. We bring a fresh and innovative approach to our solutions, with applications aimed directly at the unique educational marketplace. 

Our client list ranges from small district clients with 200 students to State Departments of Education with over 1.5 million students. Our goal is to exceed expectations by offering outstanding support services, increasing your agency’s data flexibility, optimizing system functionality, and improving operational efficiency. Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive hands-on education knowledge makes CPSI the ideal choice for your complete data systems.

Proven Solutions and Technologies

CPSI provides real-time data and integration solutions for your organization that are flexible, scalable, and extensible. Our applications and solutions adhere to data standards and industry best practices. With our proven technologies, your stakeholders have access to real-time data and continuous automation. CPSI delivers all the toolsets necessary to collect, integrate, store, analyze, and report your data. Whether you want to use SIF, CEDS, Ed-Fi, or any other educational data standard, we offer your organization the technology infrastructure necessary for real-time decision-making. Our latest application, the Teacher’s Balanced Scorecard, makes full use of the real-time data integration and automation. The Scorecard delivers a holistic view of the child with student details at the teacher’s fingertips.