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/Free xDZIS and xDBroker Registration Form
Free xDZIS and xDBroker Registration Form2016-12-09T14:10:33+00:00

I want a free copy of xDZIS and xDBroker.

Have questions?  Check out our FAQs.  If you need any help with the form, please call us at 618-281-8898.

CPSI offers both our xDZIS and xDBroker free to qualifying educational facilites. Please see our FAQs to see if you qualify. We are dedicated to the K-12 community and offer a free one hour SIF Implementation consultation for every organization using our xDZIS and xDBroker. Please fill out the form below. Based on your SIF version or versions, one of our sales team members will contact you with more download information with one business day.

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The free edition of the xDZIS and the xDBroker do not come with technical support, training, or installation included.We off an annual support package for our customers that includes 1 hour of remote training over the web, product installation, and one year of online support through our helpdesk. The cost is $500.

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