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Support Resources

At CPSI, we are not just here for support, we are an extension of your team.  Our staff is always ready to help, no matter what your question is.  Our online Helpdesk is an easy way to start the process and is the best course of action in most cases.

For extremely urgent matters, you can always contact us over the phone at 618-281-8898 and one of our team members will help you as soon as possible.  You can also e-mail us any time at [email protected]

Our support team hours are 8AM – 6PM Central Standard Time.

Visit the CPSI Helpdesk
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Product Resources

Product resources are available to current customers through our downloads portal.  If there is a download you need and do not have access to, please contact John Bauer at 618-281-8898 or [email protected]

Product Resource Portal

Other Resources

Please feel free to download any of the resources below. If there is something specific you are looking for, please contact our sales team at 618-281-8898.

Product Brochures

xdAD Product Brochure
xDComposer Product Brochure
xDListener Product Brochure
xDMover Product Brochure
xDREST Product Brochure
xDStore Product Brochure
xDStudio Product Brochure
xDUID Product Brochure
xDValidator Product Brochure
Aeries SIF Agent Brochure
Synergy SIF Agent Brochure

Press Releases

EdTech Daily Interview with Michelle Elia
CPSI Florida Initiative xdAD and Visual Casel
CPSI and IlliniCloud Press Release
CPSI Minnesota Pilot Press Release

White Papers

The Role of the Unique Student Identifier in Longitudinal Data Systems
xDValidator – Real-Time Data Validation and Standardization

Case Studies

Phelps Clifton Case Study
Orange County Success Story
Duval County Success Story
St. Lucie County Success Story

Other Information

SIF and Ed-Fi: Efficiently collect data with SIF while using Ed-Fi Dashboards
Creating a Real Time Data System for Reducing Drop Out Rates in the US
Ensuring Student Data Privacy with CPSI Tools
Data in Real Time Infograph
Data Acccuracy Infograph
Duval Account Automation
CPSI and Edfi Infograph
CPSI Real Time Data Systems For K-12
CPSI Illinois Tech Feast Presentation