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Vendors can easily implement automation without writing complex code using xDListener.

Schools and districts implementing data standards such as SIF often run into the issue of vendors in their district that are not currently participating. When a vendor does not participate in the implementation, data must be manually re-entered or managed via text file imports. This means a lot of extra work on the part of the district.

Since the key to success for educational data systems is integrating data from many different sources, the need for vendors to participate is strong. The issue is that integration software can be costly to create on the part of the vendor due to the amount of code that is needed and the time it takes to implement that code.

CPSI helps vendors and districts overcome these difficult challenges. The xDListener is a solid alternative to a SIF Agent as well as an agent for other data standards. It provides vendors with a fast and easy way to implement a solution that makes it cost-effective for any vendor to participate in a district implementation. CPSI also provides expert help for vendors to get up and running quickly, easing the load on districts throughout the implementation process.

CPSI works with vendors in the district so all of the school and district staff can be confident that the information on their computer or device always reflects the true “picture” of the data. Our solution provides everyone in the district – from teachers to superintendents – with the underlying foundation to provide up-to-date and “trustworthy” information to all of the applications they use.

xDListener - Create a SIF Agent Easily - CPSI

The xDListener brings the power of up-to-date data directly to your application, quickly gathering data from other educational data systems in a district. Based on any standardized data schema, such as SIF, the xDListener “listens” for just the data your application needs and queues it up for easy consumption by your application. It also ships with an easy to use interface that allows you to control data requests, manage queues, settings, and more.

xDListener - Create a SIF Agent Easily - CPSI

A simple and elegant solution for vendors.

Implementing a SIF Agent can be a daunting task for vendors. Often times, vendors choose not to support SIF due to the time it takes to implement a SIF Agent. xDListener provides a simple and easy to code a solution for vendors who do not want to upkeep a SIF Agent.

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Data is always up-to-date with automation processes.

As data moves from the SIS and HR into the many different applications, the xDListener stores the data the minute it becomes available. For vendors, data is put into a database queue where the data can be easily consumed by vendor applications without any need to know more than basic information about SIF or other standards.

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xDListener - Create a SIF Agent Easily - CPSI
xDListener - Create a SIF Agent Easily - CPSI

Get the data as simple XML files that are easy to consume.

The data stored in the queues is easy-to-consume XML data. The layout of the XML data is based on the data standard stored at the district and is not altered by xDListener. All of the data transport is managed and queued by the xDListener, making it easy for vendors to attach and use the standardized data.

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Use the xDListener with any data standard at the district.

The xDListener can support any data standard the district chooses – from SIF to Ed-Fi to CEDS and more. The only change a vendor needs to make is in the layout of the data received, making the xDListener a good choice for many different situations.

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xDListener - Create a SIF Agent Easily - CPSI

Easy to Use Data Queues

Data is stored in a database queue that applications consume.

Data Queues are Easy to Use

Consume the data at any pace using a FIFO database queue.

Fully Automated for Up-to-Date Data

The xDListener is automatically updated with data.

Data is Always Up To Date with Automation

Data moving through the district is automatically queued into the xDListener.

Implement a Full Solution Quickly

xDListener is lightweight, easy to install, and easy to use.

Easy and Fast to Implement

With only minimal code to write and a simple installer, xDListener is easy to implement.

Integrate with Any Data Standard

Vendors can work with any data standard at districts.

Use any data standard

xDListener act as an agent for any data standard at the district.

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Connect to the data that is already being automated at districts using the xDListener. Quickly attach with only minimal impact on vendor applications. Based on standardized data schemas, such as SIF, the xDListener “listens” for just the data needed by vendor applications.

The data is queued into an easy to use First-In-First-Out (FIFO) database queue where it can be easily consumed by vendor applications. Vendors then consume XML data in the data standard chosen by the district. The xDListener manages the data flow, automation, and secure transport so the vendor only has to learn how to consume the XML files stored in the database queue.

Because the data movement is automated, it is always up-to-date. Vendors can request data from any data source as allowed by district security – including the Student Information and HR systems as well as other types of data in the district environment.

With the xDListener, the district has full control over exactly what data each vendor is allowed to receive. The xDListener also follows secure web protocols for transporting data so data security is never an issue.

Download the xDListener Technical Specs
  • Easy to use First-In-First Out database queues that hold easy to read and standardized XML
  • Fully automated solution for receiving data in automated and standardized environments
  • Easy to implement – vendors only need to learn the format of the XML data standard
  • Implement a SIF receiving agent in just a couple days – no knowledge of SIF transport and agent building needed
  • Lightweight, easy-to-install tool for receiving data
  • Manage the environment using a simple MMC-style interface
  • Create static and dynamic data requests for both upkeep and initial load processes
  • Acts as a vendor agent for nearly any data standard – including SIF, Ed-Fi, and CEDS
  • View inbound and outbound queues via the management console
  • Management console provides filtering of data queues by different fields – including Zone Source, Data Object Name, and Message Type
  • View the XML of any request easily in the management console
  • Easily create static and dynamic data requests
  • Add custom tags or markers to data requests to easily identify requests in the queues
  • Supports single and multi-zone implementations for both horizontal and vertical implementations
  • Request from one or many zones in a single request
  • Add conditions to requests using the management console request designer
  • Supports all objects in SIF, including Custom Data Objects
  • Install single or multiple instances on the same machine to support many different connected applications
  • Full auditing with advanced logging capabilities and audit reports
  • Runs on SQL Express so there is no need for additional licensing costs