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Build the foundation for real-time data collection to ease state reporting tasks with xDStudio.

State departments of education need to collect data from districts, keep it up-to-date statewide, check it for accuracy, and use the data for reporting and analysis. Federal reporting, financial decision making, tracking graduation rates, providing data for the legislature, and other activities are all affected by the quality and timeliness of data collection from districts.

But collecting data from districts is not an easy task. Districts use many different applications and sources to store their data – from the Student Information System to the HR System to cafeteria, bus, and library systems. Typically, this data is hand entered into the many different systems with no real “checks and balances”. Because of these issues, data submitted via files to the state usually has many data errors.

Districts routinely mask the problem through the submittal process itself. When states use traditional file upload systems for collection, districts will customarily just fix the files they are submitting and the source of the bad data never gets corrected. This means the districts will repeat the same errors over and over throughout the year, slowing down the submittal process as a whole and burdening the state system with more and more data errors.

There are more problems with the file submittal process typically used by states. Districts do not have the time to create, submit and fix the files on a regular basis. This means that data is really only submitted during required periods, typically at the last minute. With only a few required collection times throughout the year, states rarely get the opportunity to view data in real time.

After the data is collected from the districts, the data must be stored for both the current year and for long term data analysis. Often times, the collected data is stored in multiple data repositories with various formats, making it difficult to manage the data, share data between departments, analyze the data for financials, and prepare federal aggregated reports.

Federal requirements, such as No Child Left Behind, are compelling each state to maintain a single Statewide Longitudinal Data System, or SLDS, for storing data. Other state agencies, such as workforce and higher education, are also wanting to be able to share data within the state. Financial decisions, legislative decisions, and other important decisions at the state rely on the data collected from the districts to be accurate and up-to-date.

xDStudio - Statewide Longitudinal Data System - CPSI

CPSI offers states a complete solution for data collection, integration, validation, and storage in real time. xDStudio is a set of software designed to meet the needs of states. Collect data automatically and in real-time using the xDComposer and xDStore. Integrate and the store the data using xDStore. Verify data quality standards and business requirements using the xDValidator. Create long term data repositories using the xDComposer and xDStore.

xDStudio - Statewide Longitudinal Data System - CPSI

It all begins with data at the districts.

Each district enters data into their local SIS, HR, and other systems. A web service sitting at each district automatically sends changes in the data to the state via secure web services in real time. This means the district is not burdened with the extra work of file submittal and the state has the advantage of collecting data in real time. The state can collect data from each district using the xDComposer or, if the state is implementing SIF, via a standard SIF Agent from the application vendor.

Learn more about how the xDComposer makes data collection easy and fast.

Check for data quality and accuracy in real time.

Data collected from the districts cannot be used until it has been checked for data quality and accuracy. In addition, the data needs to meet the collection requirements. The xDValidator allows states to check for field data quality, such as bad characters, as well as verify data using complex business rules. States can even verify data against previous collection years and outside sources. The xDValidator does this in real time and can handle millions of records without degrading performance.

Learn how the process of validation works with xDValidator.
xDStudio - Statewide Longitudinal Data System - CPSI
xDStudio - Statewide Longitudinal Data System - CPSI

Correct the data at the source for better data quality over time.

With file uploads, districts tend to bandage the problem of bad data by correcting the data in submitted files instead of fixing the source data. With the xDValidator, districts view the errors via an error reporting dashboard and notifications. Districts then fix the errors in the source system, such as the SIS, where the data is automatically updated at the state and passed through the validation process again. The data is considered clean when all of the required fixes have been made to the data.

Learn how easy it is for districts to manage their errors using the xDValidator.

Data needs to be stored for the current year and many years to come.

The current year’s operational data needs to be stored in a single repository for reporting. The xDStore is a high performance Operational Data Store, or ODS, capable of handling the needs of states. As data is collected from districts it is stored in the xDStore. The xDValidator validates the data in the xDStore and marks it as clean or dirty. The xDStore has the ability to create any number of data repositories, or warehouses that can be used for long term data storage as well as reporting stores.

Learn how the xDStore performs as an ODS and data mart repositories.
xDStudio - Statewide Longitudinal Data System - CPSI
xDStudio - Statewide Longitudinal Data System - CPSI

The xDUID adds on as a fully integrated solution for student Unique IDs.

Whether the state currently generates unique IDs using an existing system or needs to start generating IDs, the xDUID is a powerful solution for states. Using an advanced matching engine, the xDUID uses probability to match and identify student Unique IDs. Packed with features for states, the xDUID is an add-on to the xDStudio solution.

Learn more about how xDUID generates and manages student Unique IDs.

xdAD is a solid foundation for statewide Active Directory management.

Unlike businesses using Active Directory, districts have thousands of student accounts to manage as well as administrative and teaching staff accounts. The average US district has a mobility rate of over 30%. Without a way to leverage the data in the SIS and HR systems and automate the user account management in AD, IT staff spends way too much time and energy on basic account management. xdAD gives IT staff an easy and fast way to manage all of the user accounts, home directories, group assignment, profiles and more.

Learn how states can use xdAD as part of a statewide IAM solution.
xDStudio - Statewide Longitudinal Data System - CPSI