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One login to rule them all.

Every day all of the students, teachers, and staff in your district work with dozens of pieces of software over the course of the day. Students as young as kindergarten have to enter usernames and passwords into their apps, stealing away precious classroom time and testing the patience of your teachers. What if there was a better way?

OneUser SSO solves this problem by giving your district one central portal where all students, teachers, and staff access their applications with only one login required. Each user gets a customized desktop secured so that they only gain access to the apps they are allowed to access. Teachers can request new apps with just a few clicks. Administrators can take comfort in the fact that the system automatically manages data privacy and opt-outs so that your district is always in compliance with state and federal laws.

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Users only need one login.

It can be difficult to remember your username and password for every site you use, so why should your students have to? With OneUser SSO, students only need to learn one username and password. This saves time for teachers in the classroom as well as time for your staff. IT calls for lost passwords will be greatly reduced as there is only one system to learn login details for.

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Teachers can request apps easily.

You are required to manage data privacy for your students as a K-12 educational organization. This can be nearly impossible when teachers constantly bypass the IT staff and administration by hand entering student info directly on websites they want to use in their classroom. OneUser lets teachers quickly request an app to use in their classroom. Once the IT staff and administration have approved the app, it is as simple as a few button clicks and the teacher has the ability to use the app for their students in their classroom.

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xDMover - Data Transport and Mover - CPSI

Easy Login Process

Use your AD, Google, and More

Easy Login Process

Setup your system to use your Active Directory or Google as the primary authentication source. This gives you the power to select how authentication works.

FERPA Compliance

Manage opt-outs automatically.

FERPA Compliance

Give parents the control to opt-out automatically.  Once a parent opts out, the system will automatically honor that request in all data automation procedures.

Pictorial Logins

Youngsters and special needs students login easily.

Pictorial Logins

Pictorial logins give young students and students with special needs the ability to login easily, without the need to type a complex passwords.

Built Just for K-12

Designed from the ground up for K-12.

Built Just for K-12

We have been working with K-12 education for over 25 years and have used that experience to deliver a product designed specifically for K-12 education.

Learn More About the OneUser SSO

xdAD with OneUser SSO tools allow districts, regional offices, and educational organizations to manage their Active Directory user accounts while providing a Single Sign-On solution that leverages the Active Directories located at each district. xdAD and OneUser SSO with xDStore Rosters provides the tools needed to manage the Active Directory at each district, provision user accounts in nearly any app, authenticate users against each individual district level Active Directory, and authenticate with nearly any app on a device agnostic platform.

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  • OneUser is for teachers, parents, and district administrators.

  • Distribute management of district applications for SSO.

  • Give districts the ability to decide which vendors are approved or denied access to student data.

  • All of the tools you need to control, secure, and implement data privacy policies.

  • We offer over 100 Provisioning Connectors with the ability to add new Connectors at any time.

  • The OneUser OnBoarder lets you manage data provisioning securely for all of the apps used in your organization.

  • Manage data Security by data object, record, and field.

  • Gives you the ability to identify PII data and how it is distributed.

  • Advanced data encryption –this means that data encrypted at rest and in motion.

  • The OneUser Notification Engine provides notifications to parents, teachers, and IT staff.

  • Manage student op-outs by application or globally.