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Do you spend too much time exporting roster data for use in your districts’ applications? Automate roster data and more with xDStore Rosters.

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Schools and districts use data that comes from many different applications and sources. The problem is that the data must be re-entered many times into each application via manual data entry. Without some way to integrate the data, keep it up to date, and check it for accuracy, the data the teachers and staff uses every day becomes stale and inaccurate. This wastes time in the classroom for teachers, extra tech support tickets for IT, and frustrated administrators who are trying to analyze and report on the data.

CPSI helps districts overcome these difficult challenges. Our solution collects data from the many different applications in real time, checks the data for accuracy, and standardizes the data for reporting, BI and analysis. We help schools and districts finally leverage all kinds of data – from rosters to assessments to attendance and more—across the entire district.

With CPSI, all of the school and district staff can be confident that the information on their computer or device always reflects the true “picture” of the data in the district. Our solution provides everyone in the district – from students to teachers to superintendents – with the underlying foundation to provide up-to-date and trustworthy information in all of the applications they use.

xDStore - Data Collection and Standardization

Getting data to move between applications automatically and keeping that data up-to-date is vital to the success of any educational data system. But moving the data is not enough all by itself. Gathering the data and storing it in one central location is essential for making the data truly powerful. To solve this problem, districts need an operational data store, or ODS.

xDStore Rosters is a great choice for districts in need of an ODS for some data but don’t have a need to collect every piece of data in their system. The xDStore Rosters ODS just collects the basics a district needs to manage roster data. In addition to storing the data, an automated SFTP tool is included so you can send the data you collect to any SFTP landing zone. CPSI also offers custom connectors, so you can export your data in any file format you need – automatically.

xDStore - Data Collection and Standardization

Automatically collect and store roster data to use in nearly any application.

In the process of automation, you need a place to collect and store the data in order to connect the dots to make the data truly usable. xDStore Rosters is an Operational Data Store that collects the data from the many different source systems used in a district. With data connected and stored in one place, getting that data into systems that cannot connect via SIF or other web services.

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Connectors make it easy to get data into nearly any destination application.

In a district, roster data is used for many different needs within many different applications. Typically, this means district IT staff needs to export the data into files, manipulate those files, and upload them to each app used in the district – whether on site or in the cloud. Automate the process with xDStore Rosters Connectors to eliminate the need to manually manage the data going into these apps.

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xDStore - Data Collection and Standardization
xDStore - Data Collection and Standardization

Use the SFTP Connector to automate data loads.

Often times, districts send data to hosted apps over SFTP. To better meet the needs of education, xDStore Rosters automatically connect and send data over SFTP to nearly any Landing Zone. Using the roster data in xDStore Rosters, automate the process of sending data over SFTP to destination apps.

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Works with xdAD to export usernames and passwords to destination apps.

Automatically sync with Active Directory using xdAD to get the authentication data needed to create logins in destination apps. xDStore Rosters connects to xdAD to track and securely store usernames and encrypted passwords. xDStore Rosters automatically connects the authentication data to the existing roster data so it can be automatically pushed into destination apps.

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xDStore - Data Collection and Standardization

Simple and Easy To Manage

xDStore Rosters is easy to maintain for district IT staff.

Easy to Maintain

xDStore Rosters has an easy-to-use management interface that makes maintenance a breeze.

Collect and Connect Data

Collect, standardize and store all of your roster data.

All of Your Roster Data in One Location

Standardize your roster data by collecting and storing it in one central location using xDStore Rosters.

Fully Automated with SIF

Roster data movement is fully automated with the power of SIF.

A smart toolset packed with features

Never lose data, track bad data, and automatically request missing data using SIF.

Track Authentication Data

xdAD plus xDStore Rosters equals all of the data you need.

Seamless with xdAD for Tracking Authentication

xDStore Rosters seamlessly connects with xdAD to track, connect, and securely store usernames and passwords for exporting.

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xDStore Rosters is a powerful and robust Operational Data Store designed just for roster data. Subscribe to and receive real-time data and gain granular control over all of your data requests. With xDStore Rosters, no triggers are needed for real-time data collection. Connect to multiple sources via web services and SIF data transport for a fail-safe data gathering process. xDStore Rosters’ toolsets work with any size data set, from small districts to states with millions of students, simply by adding additional hardware for horizontal scaling.

xDStore Rosters seamlessly integrates with xdAD to provide all the data typically needed by destination apps in a district. The data collected and stored by xDStore Rosters includes: Student Demographics, Student Enrollments, Teacher Demographics, Teacher Enrollments, District and School Information, and Course Data.

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