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Empower your teachers, administrators, and staff with accurate data all of the time to save time and money.

Schools and districts use data that comes from many different applications and sources. The problem is that the data must be re-entered many times into each application via manual data entry. Without some way to integrate the data, keep it up to date, and check it for accuracy, the data the teachers and staff uses every day becomes stale and inaccurate. This wastes time in the classroom for teachers, extra tech support tickets for IT, and frustrated administrators who are trying to analyze and report on the data.

CPSI helps districts overcome these difficult challenges. Our solution collects data from the many different applications in real time, checks the data for accuracy, and standardizes the data for reporting, BI and analysis. We help schools and districts finally leverage all kinds of data – from rosters to assessments to attendance and more—across the entire district.

With CPSI, all of the school and district staff can be confident that the information on their computer or device always reflects the true “picture” of the data in the district. Our solution provides everyone in the district – from students to teachers to superintendents – with the underlying foundation to provide up-to-date and trustworthy information in all of the applications they use.

xDValidator - Automated Data Quality Validation - CPSI

Just collecting data is not enough to create an educational data system that meets the needs of everyone in your district. Teachers, administrators and IT staff in the district rely on accurate data in all of the applications and reports they use on a daily basis. Bad data prevents administrators from making accurate decisions through incorrect reporting. It prevents students and teachers from logging into classroom software. It can even lead to security and privacy issues when staff sees data they should not have access to because the system access is wrong or outdated. The xDValidator provides IT staff with a programming-free solution that allows them to take charge of catching data errors before they become a problem for administrators, teachers and IT staff.

xDValidator - Automated Data Quality Validation - CPSI

You need data you can trust.

Data that is not trustworthy can cause problems for a district at every level of staff. The problem with a typical educational data system is that data is not checked for accuracy and data quality before teachers and staff see it. This leads to situations where teachers are seeing students in their rosters that are not even sitting in their classrooms. It leads to administrative staff having incorrect numbers on critical reports needed for financial decisions. It can also lead to security breaches where people are seeing data they should not be allowed to see because access has not been updated quickly enough. The xDValidator lets you catch data errors before they become a problem.

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View errors in a simple, easy dashboard.

With the xDValidator, data errors are available nearly immediately for staff to view in an easy-to-use error reporting dashboard. The error reporting dashboard is packed with features – such as custom e-mail notifications, role-based security, and automatic data filtering so users only see the data they are allowed to see. Export reports to nearly any file format, including PDF and Excel.

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xDValidator - Automated Data Quality Validation - CPSI
xDValidator - Automated Data Quality Validation - CPSI

Fix errors at the source for improved data over time.

The xDValidator never changes or alters your data – instead, your staff views error reports and notifications on the dashboard so that they can fix the errors in the source application. This means that data becomes more accurate for everyone. Over time, your staff will start to become more cognizant of their data entry practices. The xDValidator helps your staff become more efficient and the data to become more accurate. Ultimately, this process saves the district time and money.

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Performance and scalability for any size district.

When you need to validate data that is constantly changing and coming from many different schools, most systems are not up to the task. The xDValidator has been proven to manage data in districts with over 150,000 students, and for states with student counts of over 1,000,000 students – all without performance degradation and the need for high priced hardware and additional IT staff. We use multi-threading technology and multiple instances of the xDValidator to scale up and out so you can affordably validate data for your district – no matter what size.

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xDValidator - Automated Data Quality Validation - CPSI

Write Validations Easily

Without the need for programmers.

All You Need is Data

Create simple and complex validations using your IT staff’s knowledge of SQL and the data.

Automatically Validate Data

No interaction from people required.

Automated Data Validation

Data is automatically validated the minute a record is entered or changed without the need for human intervention.

High Speed Performance

Never wait for records to be validated.

Perform Thousands of Validations

Run millions of validations on thousands of records without ever slowing down.

Accurate Data Is Key

Fix errors at the source for accurate data everywhere.

Fix Errors at the Source

By fixing errors at the source, the data becomes cleaner for all of the staff to use.

Learn More About the xDValidator

The xDValidator lets you take control of data quality and business rules in your district without the need for custom programming or additional staff. You control the flow and logic of how data is validated using our workflows with reusable logic components and hundreds of ready to use rules. Our unique workflows consist of actions, or reusable functions, apply the data in an item, and create rules with complex workflows using any number of items. Action types include keyed lookups, regular expressions, standard lookup tables, SQL stored procedures, XML documents, custom API, and more.

The xDValidator allows you to validate data from many sources inside of the same rule, action, and item. Using the power of SQL scripting language, you can extend and create custom logic without ever writing any programming code. If the need to write code does occur, such as interfacing with an external API, the xDValidator also has a fully extendable C# based library that can be expanded to create rules using any functionality available in .NET.

Download the xDValidator Technical Specs
  • Validate any data from anywhere.
  • xDValidator is unique in its ability to execute complex business rules – such as cross referencing data from many sources for verifying program enrollments
  • Use the power of SQL scripting so data staff can manage validation rules
  • Action types include conditional keyed lookups, lookup tables, regular expressions, SQL scripts, custom DLL, C# functions, XML document validations and more
  • Check data accuracy and quality on individual fields as well as cross field to check for formatting, missing data, incorrect data, cross checks, and more
  • Validating data and fixing it at the source leads to higher quality data over time
  • The xDValidator validates at high speeds and is able handle millions of records at a time (based on system hardware performance)
  • Scales up and out to meet the needs of any size district – large or small – without compromising performance
  • Creating and managing validations is easily handled by existing IT staff – no programmers required
  • Data is validated and error reports are generated automatically without human intervention
  • Data is validated immediately: when a user enters a new record or alters an existing record, the xDValidator tracks and validates the record as soon as it changes
  • The error reporting dashboard offers full role-based user security and field level data filtering to ensure that staff only sees the data they are allowed to see
  • Error reporting dashboards are built to look great on any platform, including Android and iOS devices
  • The xDValidator comes loaded with hundreds of validations as well as pre-defined error reports; create your own custom error reports or modify existing ones using an easy report designer
  • Advanced IDE for rules development
  • Fully brand and customize your error reporting dashboard using CSS skins