Did you know we offer services to help educational organizations with many different data management, integration, and privacy issues?

We know that school districts and educational organizations are faced with so many problems related to data.

Is our data secured properly?
How do I handle the new policies for data governance?
What do I do about longitudinal data and how can I leverage that data for my district?

Allow us to use our 25+ years of knowledge in the K-12 data management world to help you to solve these problems and more through our software and services.

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Data Governance Planning, Policies, and Documentation Services

Data governance is the process of actively governing where data goes and who gets to work with what data. This process is one of the most important issues faced by educational organizations today. Between concerned parents and an already over-tasked staff, creating data governance policies and documentation that meet state and federal regulations can be an overwhelming task. Allow our team to build a complete strategy for data governance to ensure that your educational records are kept confidential and secure. We can even work with you to implement your strategy using our software.

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Data Integration Consulting

Integrating data between dozens of applications can be an overwhelming task. It is difficult to know where to get started and what questions to ask. Our experienced team can help you make sense of it all and create a plan to help you become the fully integrated district we know you want to be. Let us design a comprehensive plan for your district that includes a big picture analysis of all of the places your data comes from and goes to as well as a plan for full data automation.

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Active Directory Consulting

Active Directory is a critical component to most educational organizations. With 1-1 Chromebooks and other devices becoming more common, it is critical that every user have their own account. With so many people, devices, and applications to manage, how can you keep up? Our AD Consulting team at CPSI has over 25 years of experience helping organizations like yours take control of Active Directory and manage it with ease. Let us write a plan for you that gives you back your time while following best practices and security for your organization.

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Longitudinal Data Systems (LDS) Consulting

Are you planning to implement a Longitudinal Data System? Do you have an LDS that doesn’t work for your needs? Our team is here to help you plan and design an LDS that will deliver data to your stakeholders timely and accurately while following best practices for data security. Data access is one of the most critical components of your LDS implementation. Our team will help you to define and decide who should have access to what data and ensure that your data is accurate for reporting and decision making.

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Data Privacy Consulting

Data privacy is the twin sibling of data security. This means that it is equally as important to manage your data privacy as your data security to ensure that your students are safe. Students are protected under many laws, including FERPA and HIPPA, but these laws can be confusing and complicated to understand and difficult to implement. You need to protect your organization from legal issues and ensure your students are safe. Our data privacy team will work with you and your data stewards to develop a strategy for data privacy management that is clear and easy to implement.

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Online Professional Development

It is difficult to train all of your staff in every aspect of data management, privacy and security. Let us help you train your staff through our online curriculum for professional development. Our courses are designed to take into account the many different knowledge levels and kinds of people who need to understand how data privacy and security work. From teachers to principals to the board of education, our online courses will help everyone to understand the importance of data for your district. Educate your users to get them onboard with the policies and practices of your educational organization.

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