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Are your educational data systems linked together?
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Schools and districts use data that comes from many different applications and sources. The problem is that the data must be re-entered many times into each application via manual data entry. Without some way to integrate the data, keep it up to date, and check it for accuracy, the data the teachers and staff uses every day becomes stale and inaccurate. This wastes time in the classroom for teachers, extra tech support tickets for IT, and frustrated administrators who are trying to analyze and report on the data.

CPSI helps districts overcome these difficult challenges. Our solution collects data from the many different applications in real time, checks the data for accuracy, and standardizes the data for reporting, BI and analysis. We help schools and districts finally leverage all kinds of data – from rosters to assessments to attendance and more—across the entire district.

With CPSI, all of the school and district staff can be confident that the information on their computer or device always reflects the true “picture” of the data in the district. Our solution provides everyone in the district – from students to teachers to superintendents – with the underlying foundation to provide up-to-date and trustworthy information in all of the applications they use.

xDComposer - Data Collection and Automation for Education

The xDComposer provides the integration tools needed to start implementing a successful real time data system. The toolset allows IT staff to easily create complex data mappings using the power of T-SQL and an easy, point and click interface. District IT staff use xDComposer to integrate data from nearly any data source in the district. Using T-SQL, IT staff can create even the most complex data mappings using many different incoming sources without the need to write code.

xDComposer - Data Collection and Automation for Education

I want to collect my data, but how?

Using the xDComposer at your district makes it easy to collect data. Start with your core data – the Student Information System. After getting student data, add Staff data and HR data. Expand your collection to include assessment data – even if it comes from CSV files. With the xDComposer, you can map data into any standard to get up-to-date data easily. All of your connected applications – from the cafeteria systems to district reporting – stay up-to-date in real time.

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So you can’t find a standard that meets all of your needs? No problem.

We know that in the world of education, things do not always follow the rules. Over the years, your district has stored all kinds of data and some of that data does not follow any standard, but it is still important. The xDComposer has the ability to create custom schemas using a visual interface to add your own custom objects into any existing XSD.

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xDComposer - Data Collection and Automation for Education
xDComposer - Data Collection and Automation for Education

Use data standards easily in your district.

The xDComposer supports a wide range of data formats and models by supporting XSDs – a common method of data standardization documentation. Harness the power of the XSD by using the xDComposer to take control of data standardization in your district. Use any XSD – such as SIF, CEDS, or Ed-Fi –to create a model to collect and store your data. You can even mix and match data standards in the many different layers of your system to meet your needs – such as SIF for data collection and CEDS for longitudinal reporting databases.

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Collect only the data that changes for fast data collection.

Some data is difficult to collect because there is no way to track just the changed data. This often happens when collecting data from legacy systems and flat files. The xDComposer has the unique ability to create and track record keys for data without a unique primary key. This allows the xDComposer to collect just the data that changes resulting in greatly improved data collection performance and efficiency.

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xDComposer - Data Collection and Automation for Education

Point-and-Click Data Mapper

Easily see your XML as you build it

Easily Master the xDComposer

Very easy to accomplish and process data mappings

Build it easily with the xDComposer

Point-and-Click Easy to Use Data Mapper

See the XML get built

Fluidly create an XML message off of the collected data

Standardize Your Data

Use the xDComposer with SIF, CEDS, Ed-fi, etc


Increase data interoperability, portability, and comparability across agencies.

Universal XML Generator

Map Data from any Source into XML

Change Any Element

Translate any data into XML without using triggers

Learn More About the xDComposer

The xDComposer is an easy to use point-and-click data mapper that allows you to pass data between applications without the need to learn complex applications, such as Microsoft SQL SSIS packages. All you really need to know about is your own data. Through the xDComposer interface you can select any existing XSD structure – such as SIF or CEDS – or create your own standardized structure to move data between all of the applications in your district. Once you have designed your structure, xDComposer fully automates the movement of the data, all behind the scenes so you don’t have to do the work.

Mapping the data is easy and can be done from nearly any data source – including legacy databases and mainframes. Mapping is as simple as defining a connection, selecting the data out of the source, and pointing the source data to the schema of the new structure. The on-screen preview area allows you to easily verify your mappings before publishing your records. During the mapping process, you can add translations and validations to create standardized data that can be used for longitudinal analysis.

Download the xDComposer Technical Specs
  • Link and standardize your data from all of your educational data systems, eliminating the need to purchase new applications to integrate data
  • The xDComposer is SIF certified and can be used to create SIF agents for nearly any system in your district
  • xDComposer lets you define any XML schema or data standard for mapping data using existing database structures
  • Map data from any number of data sources in the xDComposer – including databases, files, and web APIs
  • Manage data linking in the xDComposer from any source using a simple, point-and-click interface
  • xDComposer scales up through multi-threading technology and out through many instances to meet the needs of any size district
  • xDComposer can create any type of XML from any specification making it both a Universal Data Mapper and XML Generator
  • Translate code sets easily from one standard to another or translate legacy code sets to current code sets for longitudinal analysis
  • Validate data at the field level using regular expressions to ensure bad data does not pass to other systems
  • Preview the data you want to send to other systems easily from within the xDComposer user interface before sending data
  • Create queues and automatically fill them with data to be processed by other applications via SIF, Web Services, SFTP, and more
  • Track changes in the source data without using triggers and complicated database scripts using the xDComposer’s unique record tracking features