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Schools and districts use data that comes from many different applications and sources. The problem is that the data must be re-entered many times into each application via manual data entry. Without some way to integrate the data, keep it up to date, and check it for accuracy, the data the teachers and staff uses every day becomes stale and inaccurate. This wastes time in the classroom for teachers, extra tech support tickets for IT, and frustrated administrators who are trying to analyze and report on the data.

Districts and vendors need to work together in order to make data integration a success. For many districts, this means implementing SIF, Student Interoperability Framework. Typically, vendors are expected to supply a SIF agent for their applications but this is often times difficult for vendors to provide due to the cost of developing and supporting SIF Agents. In other situations, districts use homegrown software or legacy software that does not have a SIF Agent.

CPSI is highly experienced in developing SIF Agents for vendors in education. We provide services to develop ready to use SIF Agents for vendor applications. Using the xDComposer, we work with vendors to develop both publishing and subscribing SIF Agents. There is no need to write code or change the vendor application using this process, saving time and money for vendors.

The process begins with a vendor consultation where CPSI discusses the many different options available for vendors. SIF Agent development can be as hands-on or hands-off as a vendor would like, making it easy to create a SIF Agent with limited effort from the vendor.

The benefits of integration are huge.

Becoming part of a SIF Implementation offers great benefits for the districts. Integration is key to successful data integration. By participating in the SIF implementation, data will be automatically sent and updated within the vendor applications in real time.

Learn more about Agent Development services from CPSI.

Cost effective SIF Agent development.

The world of SIF can be a difficult place. Constant upgrades to the framework make up keeping a solution daunting. Let CPSI manage the issues of dealing with SIF for vendors by creating and up keeping the SIF Agent with the xDComposer. Let CPSI manage the issues of dealing with SIF for vendors by creating and managing the SIF Agent for vendor applications with the xDComposer.

Learn more about Agent Development services from CPSI.